We believe that you can always do better business with a better brand. That a company that has a polished image is a company that people can trust. We’re basically branding junkies.

We are brand specialists

We’re here to consult with clients and tell them what they need to improve their branding, be it in print or online. We’ll help them establish or re-establish their brand through logo design, stationery and print promotions. We also carry the consistency through to their online presence like e-mail campaigns, web site and social media.

How it all started

It all started in January 1999, before caramel macchiatos, tweets, and the term 24/7. Back then, we were one of many studios that capitalized on businesses wanting to re-brand for the new millennium. Over 10 years later, we are one of the few who are still around and more than kicking. We believe that’s because we are different than your run of the mill design firm: we call it ‘art-repreneurship’ – artists with a business sense who successfully fuse together art and commerce to create a compelling visual message.

We’ve cultivated an ethos of casual professionalism from the very beginning, and our clients really appreciate our hands on approach. While our business grows, the personal touch endures and will always be a key to our success.