We are proud to be a bilingual studio. As a bilingual team, we have advantages in thinking: we develop creatively in Canada’s two official languages and have the ability to think more flexibly. We are more sensitive to the needs of each audience and can adapt your messaging to suit both cultures. We are able to switch between English and French seamlessly, in both written and spoken, which provides a great advantage for our local national and international clients.

At IDG, we also understand the overwhelming to-do list you are faced with and offer our expertise to alleviate some of the worries. We can contribute by helping you develop a communication plan, define strategic objectives and explore creative strategies. We can even consult with you on developing a social media strategy. We’ll help you define your brand personality, validate priorities and assumptions – and most of all establish a budget and keep close track of where everything is heading.

Each client is assigned a project coordinator and lead creative. The project coordinator will liaise between the client’s team and IDG’s creative team to ensure all projects go according to plan. Each project is given a docket number and a time line with mile stones. The client is asked to sign off on the schedule and respect the deadlines in terms of delivering content or providing feedback when necessary. IDG uses an online time tracking software to keep a close eye on production, allowing for detailed reporting upon the client’s request.

Once the plan is in place, the client can interact directly with the lead designer for sending content, corrections and sharing ideas. We’re able to keep tight on our budgets because we use our resources carefully and efficiently.

We believe in process: a series of actions bringing about a result. We’re all about results.